sans food, a heart post today

It’s a non-recipe day today.  What a weekend it has been!  We had a three day swim meet and Anna made Junior Olympic time on 50 freestyle for 10 and under!  We are so proud of her hard work and effort!  That third day, yesterday, was a wash though… the weather was horrible, wet and cold… and many teams dropped out.  We pulled through with it though, and thankfully, Anna still did well and had fun with her swim friends.

In all the craziness of the weekend, I had to work since we are getting very busy.  Staying focused was more challenging for me this weekend.   At one point my mom looked at me yesterday, notably distracted under the cold and dripping pool tent, and said, “You have a frown on your face… ask yourself why.”  Compounding that with what’s happening in the world around us these days, the injustice and inequality that surround us, I realize that my intentions are good.  And I get disappointed when, even though I’m a trained communications professional, I still stumble at times… it’s a humbling experience.

So, today it’s a heart post, sans food.  I’m not feeling very hungry today and I have so much work to do!

In times like these, I turn inward and to the people who love and appreciate who I am — in this case, I’m sharing one of my favorite poems of my father’s published collection.  He had a bunch of handwritten ones that intended to publish this one, too, but passed away before he was able to… so now I’m trying to publish this beautiful collection independently.  My father’s writing style was very bleak and dark.  It reflected an inner sadness that he always carried with him.  He was certainly a talented writer and a deep thinker, and it’s reflected in the poems he wrote.  Clearly, he struggled with love, choices, faith, and a fear of death.  What a way to start the week!

Actually, this was one of few poems that breeds hope and I find that it is so relevant in today’s landscape, especially with what our country is going through.  Love is really always the answer.  Many times as we try to do the right thing for others, we end up hurting the wrong people who love us.  I’ve done my best to translate this poem, but I’m sure some nuances will be lost in translation..


Μια μέρα  (One day)

Οι συρματόπλεχτοι φράχτες θα πέσουν.  (The barbed wire fences will fall)

Και θα γίνουμε «Έ ν α».  (And we will become “O n e”)


Το χώμα  (The dirt)

Η ψυχή  (The soul)

Ο κόσμος  (The world)

Δικά μας.  (Ours)


Θα περάσουν τα καράβια σ’ όλες τις θάλασσες.  (The ships will cross all the oceans)

Τα πουλιά θα φτερουγίσουν απ’ την ανατολή ως την δύση.  (The birds will fly from the east to the west)

Και τ’ άνθη της ελιάς θα νανουρίσουν τα παιδιά μας.  (And the flowers of the olive tree will lull our children to sound sleep)


Ο νόμος της καρδιάς θα επιβληθεί,  (The law of the heart will be imposed)

Χωρίς τις δεύτερες παρουσίες  (Without any second comings)

Και τις βιβλικές αποκαλύψεις.  (Or Biblical Apocalypses)


Οι αιώνες θα τραγουδούν   (The centuries will sing in harmony)